Ava Champion

I am a seasoned writer, with a passion for creating engaging content. I am particularly skilled at translating technical specs to be inclusive to all audiences. 

About Me

With a B.A. in Creative Writing and Psychology, I am able to analyze the customer experience and understand target audiences as well as their consumer habits. 

How I Work

I have a highly collaborative mentality - I love working on teams to power through ideas, and make sure everyone is on the same page. I ask lots of questions at first, so I can fully understand the voice, and then take the reigns from there. 

My Ethos

I am extroverted by nature but a  silent observer. People-watching is one of my favorite activities. It helps me base my writing on real-life experiences. 

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact me! I'd love to chat. 

My email is: ava.c.champion@gmail.com

About Me

I empower marketing teams with in-depth knowledge of what customers seek

My combined experiences in customer service and marketing will advance any marketing team’s campaign strategies. Due to my double major in Creative Writing and Psychology, I can analyze the customer experience and translate that into marketing materials, targeting the correct audiences.