About Me

My B.A. in Creating Writing and Psychology has allowed me the skills to analyze buyer experiences to understand a business's target audience and consumer habits.

How I Work

I appreciate cross-departmental collaboration. I enjoy working on teams to bring ideas to life while ensuring everyone is on the same page. I ask many questions at first, so I can fully understand the scope of my work and then confidently take the reigns from there.

My Ethos

I am extroverted by nature but a silent observer. This doesn't mean I'm not paying attention - quite the contrary.
I take in more information by soaking it in and listening intently.

About Me

I empower marketing teams with evocative, buyer-focused content.

My combined experiences in customer service and marketing will advance any marketing team’s campaign strategies. Due to my double major in Creative Writing and Psychology, I can analyze the customer experience and translate that into marketing materials, targeting the correct audiences.

As a storyteller, I enjoy using my creativity to bring rich and metric-driven content to life. I pride myself on translating complex concepts into relatable, inclusive marketing materials that drive brand awareness and company growth.