My Accomplishments

AdTech Industry

Within a year, I took the company's inbound strategy from the occasional blog post to 26 case and use studies, 21 one-sheeters, 44 articles, and 3 eBooks.

Inbound Achievements

Due to building a strong content strategy and increasing inbound activity, the company gained:

- 10,502 Inbound Form Views

- 344 Inbound Leads

Email Marketing

Prior to joining the AdTech company, our emails consisted of webinar registration, replay, and company communication/update emails. Now, we have sent 80 emails in the span of a year, with 449,654 touchpoints. 

While working as a Product Marketing Specialist, our clients needed to migrate to AWS to keep their websites functioning. With my emails, we reached a client conversion rate of almost 100% due to strategic collaboration and communication of effective emails.

Increased Calls

With my organization and added structure on the Customer Loyalty team, I increased our outbound call volume by 35% with more answered calls.

Highest Volume of Calls

While working as a CSR, I consistently answered the highest volume of calls in our call center, with the shortest time spent on the phone, meaning I quickly and accurately sent our clients to the correct support department. 

Social Media

During my time as an Inbound Manager, within a year, I increased several metrics for the company's LinkedIn. This included:

- 2,017.7% increase in page views

- 1,844.7% increase in unique visitors

- 1,157.1% increase in custom button clicks

- 20,990.5% increase in reactions

- 10,150% increase in shares

- 722 new followers

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